Monday, November 14, 2011

New Blog

HI. If you would like to continue following my food adventures, I am starting a new blog called Ready. Get Set. EAT! . I am hoping to make a more professional impression, as well as, put more attention and effort into the blog, now that I have consistent access to internet and free time. thank you! diana

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Where is Middle Country...?

Apologies--I was unable to post while traveling through China. This will be my final post on this blog as I have returned home after 2 years of Peace Corps service and 2 months of traveling in Asia. What started out as a monthly, when I have internet access, or I'm not feeling lazy today, account of my life and work in Cambodia, morphed into a travel food documentary of Asia.  Thanks to my followers, where ever you are. I hope you have enjoyed my photos as much as I enjoyed eating the food and traveling. CIAO!

In Cantonese, China is called 'zhong gwok', which accurately translates into 'middle country'. I divided my time between Beijing, Shanghai, Guilin and Yangshuo (Thanks DragonBus). I really didn't (and still don't), know much about China before going, despite my ancestry. In a nutshell,China is another world. I spent 3 weeks in China and that barely cracked the surface of what the country has offer in culture, diversity, cuisine and landscape. It was beautiful, strange, despicable and wonderful all at the same time. I hope to visit China again in the near future. As always, I will summarize my travels with photos (mostly of food). Please enjoy.

A foodie alleyway in Beijing with deep fried scorpions for sale.
The small ones are alive and moving!!! POOR STARFISH!
I took a cooking course in Yangshuo. This is my work station.
Beautiful, fresh ingredients to work with...
My favorite dish: Spicy Eggplant
Finally!  I can eat.  Michelin 2 stars!
No doubt about it--A few of these were probably used in my spicy tofu! SO GOOD.
Have a cup of tea in the peaceful rice terraces of Guilin.

Beginning of the Great Wall.  Doesn't look too bad, right? WRONG!  The Great Wall certain deserves its name!
So steep! Almost lost my shoe!
This was at the end of the walk!
In Macao now.  Portuguese Egg Tarts! SOOOOOOO Delicious!
Now, in the New Territories of Hong Kong on the Kowloon side.  This is not too far from the Tseun Wan station. All these people are waiting for dessert at 10pm on a Wednesday night!

Fresh fruit with sago and coconut milk. YUMMM
Thanks for reading. Good Bye!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fish for Lunch

I've been eating pretty mediocre food for dinner, so I decided to splurge on lunch. I had a classic--Fish n' Chips! I didn't think I would be able to get good fish and chips here, but I was pleasantly surprised. It was very delicious. I keep forgetting about the British...Dutch...and Portuguese influence. Overall, I had a really nice, relaxing day. I slept in, played into the water, read, ate food, ate chocolate and took a nap. Also, the lady at the front desk of my hotel did my laundry for free. I love washing machines! My clothes smell SO good. I'm heading into KL tomorrow. Yikes!

Here is my lunch--