Thursday, September 10, 2009

Finally! Evidence that I am in Cambodia

FINALLY! here are some random photos featuring me and my fellow K3 trainees...Hi MOM! Hi DAD!

This was taken on the first day of practicum. I am wearing a sampot--a traditional teaching skirt worn by khmai female teachers.

Here is RT, Christian and me...we are in Phnom Penh on a scavenger hunt.

Obviously, this is a house. I am in training now, but this is my temporary home in Takeo Province.

Here's 1/6th of the Peace Corps group. We went on a field trip to Tonle Bati...quite a relaxing day. L to R: Nikki, Christian, Lisa, David, Me, Dylan, Chrissy, Nick, Vanny (LCF) and Greg (K2).

Nick, Mira and I visited Kristine (in red) for our Kampuchea Adventure. I am sitting next to Kristine's host dad. He pulled these coconuts straight off the tree and served them to us...fresh coconut water...

Me, Chrissy and Dylan on our trip to Tonle Bati...we are sitting in a hut above the water...

(left) You see dilapidated buildings from time to time in Cambodia. (right) This is also in Takeo--homes above water. You see the guy in the boat?

(left) A little girl in Mesang. (right) A girl performing a traditional khmai dance with coconuts.

that's it for now...we are almost finished with training...and can you believe i've been in cambodia for 2 months now? we are swearing in as Peace Corps volunteers September 25th and its really exciting...after that, we all go to our permanent sites. anyway....HI TO EVERYONE AT HOME!!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

3 more weeks

we are more than half way through training...its exciting...i can't believe we've been in cambodia for 6 weeks i guess on september 25th, we will be sworn in as volunteers. i'm gonna work extra hard on my language acquisition, so that i am able to communicate as much a possible with my new host family.

oh, i forgot to mention--my permanent site for the next 2 years will be in pursat province, which is half way between siem reap and phnom penh, west of the tonle sap...i live in a rural community, but i am only about 10k biking distance away from the the town. my province buddy is christian (he lives in town). our provincial town is quite small, but clean somewhat. there isn't much to do in town, but we are excited about the presence of a few ngo's in town. there is an orphanage near my village, which is exciting...and there is an women's development org too...

i'm currently at this new internet cafe/hamburger joint in internet and cheap...everything is new and, next time i visit, i'm gonna try to post some photos....

i'll write more next time, talk to you later