Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy 2010!!

hi. i hope everyone is enjoying the holidays. i am in phnom penh now and will be spending the glorious evening with some pcv's in town...i hope everyone is well.

just a quick update about is good. i am working pretty much 7 days a week, but i am enjoying it. hopefully, i will start playing volleyball with the girls team next week. teaching english is difficult...really difficult. my co-teacher is fantastic and my director is great. he invited me to have dinner at his house and meet his family for xmas and i gladly accepted. it was a nice evening and so very thoughtful of him. family is really nice and they treat me well. for breakfast, i normally eat noodles or bon chayu (this egg omelet with bean sprouts) with an iced coffee at this shack next door... i pay .75 cents for it...i eat lunch at home if i am hungry and my family always cooks dinner for me.

well, here are some photos. hopefully i will have more after new years. enjoy!

giant wooden carving, Battambang Provincial town

Alleyway in Bttb again

(l to r) mira, me, christian and jaNise

Fish drying out in the sun, Battambang Provincial town

BBQ, Battambang Provincial town

Giant Guava, given to me by an old grandpa from school

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

one more thing...something that annoyed me

my feminist side certainly comes out a lot more while i am in cambodia...

i was at school one day and i was sitting grading tests outside. apparently, i was sitting inappropriately, or not like how a female should sit, and one of the younger male teachers told me in khmer to put my leg down on to the ground. i asked why in khmer and he didn't respond. seriously, motherf****r!?! i was pissed for the rest of the day...i really hate how women are treated here and how they so willingly accept it as part of the culture. not funny....

i am waiting to eat with my fellow pcvs and i'm getting hungry. cranky...

jingle bells batman smells...

hey all...its thursday and its a day off from school...human rights day.

i don't have photos to post now, but i just wanted to write and say hi. its already december and i have been in cambodia now for nearly 5 months! time is flying and i am a fifth through service. phew! school has been keeping me busy and i have started my clubs. eager learners out there, but we'll see...cambodians can be quite flakey...haven't seen this much flakiness since've all been flakey...

normally around this time, i would be baking and trying new recipes. i miss baking. i haven't seen an oven in 5 months. talk to you later. i am getting hungry.