Saturday, February 7, 2009

language study

i began looking into studying khmer the other day. you'd think that working in a library, i'd have an abundance of resources, but seeing that not very many universities own khmer language books, i may have to purchase from amazon. but, even amazon has a small selection. well, i'll wait a week to see if my library requests for the books come. crossing my fingers.

i'm trying to remember what khmer sounded like when i was over there just a month ago. i guess i'd say my most vivid memory of hearing khmer came from all the music videos that our bus driver would put on during long haul trips. there was this one male performer who came out in almost every single music video...actually, it was pretty funny.


TaoThis09 said...

I spoke to this cambodian in the gym last week. He said there is a cambodian community center in Long Beach. You could possibly call them to see if they can provide assistance with Khmer. Good Luck, my cambodian niece...haha

TaoThis09 said...

So who is this TaoThis09 person???

Your uncle Chiu.