Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Jum-riab-sua! (Hello in Khmer)

i began studying khmer a few days ago. it's a language I am not familiar with and so far it's tough. also, it's not the most beautiful language. so imagine the combination of speaking khmer with my squeaky, high pitched voice. it'll be awesome. i'll keep going...we'll see how far i get in a couple of weeks.

anyway, it's been a while since i last wrote. i have to admit, i'm not a blogger. and i'm pretty sure that while i am in cambodia, i'll be writing even less.

initially, i thought blogging would be easy--but really i have difficulty posting, not only because i have nothing to say, but i feel very self -consciousness. i feel pressure to entertain and update and to say something profound. i'm not good at any of those things.

ugh, there's something to do around the house. i am gonna do something productive. bye.

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