Thursday, November 26, 2009

Valentine Ice in Battambang

Doesn't this look pretty delicious? I am in Battambang Province for In-Service Training and Thanksgiving. Tomorrow night we'll be celebrating with 2 smoked turkeys, pumpkin pie, sweet potato cassarole, massed potatos and other fixins...yum....THANKS DARLENE!

Keiko, Kealan and I just arrived not too long ago in Bttb with PC staff. Riding in the PC vehicle feels so official! Anyway, here's a photo of a 'Valentine Ice' that I enjoyed at a chinese owned, cafe spot in town with Dr. Darlene, Philip and Keiko. I ordered this not knowing what it was, but it was pretty tasty. It was a fruity shaved ice with a little bit on condensed milk and some bobas. This cost 5,500 riel or about $1.35.

Just a quickie update on life in Cambodia. So, its officially been 2 months at permanent site!!! Time flew by and life is improving! I am adjusting to site finally and am making friends. For example, I went to the market yesterday to look for some kromas. My neighbor came up to me to ask what I was doing and I told her Iwas looking for some kromas, but was unable to find any to my liking. I guess she told the meat vendor and while I was walking out of the market, she chased me down to tell me that the meat vendor had some at her house. I talked to her and she said to swing by her home around noon and she would show me her stash. I went and she gave a free kromas!!! That was so nice of her. And, I guess being invited to someone's house means they they like me!! YAY! They like me!

Anyway...I am gonna eat a piece of chocolate now and wait for dinner with the gang. Gonna play some cards later tonight in the hotel and just relax. We have 6 hours of language training tomorrow and 6 more saturday!!!

I'll definitely post photos after turkey day festivities tomorrow and perhaps blog. Hi Mom! Hi Dad!
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