Wednesday, February 10, 2010

saturdays in cambodia

hi. i am usually at site on saturdays. but this past saturday, i visited a mango farm with a few other pcvs in kandal province. here are some photos. lots of fun!!! and yummy food....i didn't get to take photos of all the food i ate, but whatever...its hot in cambodia.

perfect start to the morning: a hot bowl of meat balls and 'fun' (white fat noodles)
...reminds me of home

edible flower

eating sugarcane

julie and dave

who knew bananas grew upside down???


who's fobbier? me or james?

mangoes anyone? sovachana our peace corps friend

yup, those are mangoes!

taking a swig of fresh coconut water

mango farmer and great host

funny finger picture

muslim family doing some fishing on the bassac river

funny bug

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