Friday, May 7, 2010

GLOW is underway

hey guys!! i got back from vacation earlier this week. i have photos up on my picasa if anyone is interested. its been a while since i last wrote. but, back to being busy, which is great. being idle here makes me really depressed.

anyway, the purpose of me writing was to let you all know that our CAMP GLOW (Girls Leading Our World) was approved and we will receive funding very soon. It came at a very appropriate time too. strange how things happen...but earlier in class, my 12th grade class was learning about human rights. and there was this section on women's right and the chapter opened up the subject by talking about husbands beating their wives. well, one of my female students said that if her husband beats her, she would tolerate it because she is a wife and he is the husband. I was speechless...all i could say was "no way. don't let your husband hit you" and then asked the boys in the class if they will hit their wives and they all said 'no'. it was rough to hear my student say such things. i got teary. damn. damn. i dunno. the state of female equality is non existent. damn. listening to her speak in her broken english about how its okay for a husband to hit a wife. not cool. not cool.

bye. diana

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