Saturday, February 5, 2011

Fruit Part 1 (Ply Ch'r)

Here are three kinds of seasonal fruits that can be found here in Cambodia. All very delicious in their own ways.

The MILKFRUIT is perfectly round like a petanque ball. Its either a deep violet or bright apple green hue.

The khmer name is "ply dict dawh gooh" which loosely translates to fruit milk. Appropriately named, the pulp of this fruit gives a milkly like juice when squeezed. The fruit is subtly sweet. You either have a taste for it or you don't. But, I enjoy eating this fruit!

The STARFRUIT is called "ply speu". It does not translate to star, however. It is actually a name of a province in Cambodia.

But as you can see, in English, the starfuit is appropriately named for its shape.

The JACKFRUIT starts out really small, as small as your thumb...

But, it can grow as big as your head or even bigger! One can weigh up to at least 30kg or roughly 66 pounds!!!

The inside is yellow.

You take the fruit apart from its shell and eat its 'pods'.

Its very tasty and sweet when ripe. The texture is slightly tender, slightly firm. There is a big seed in each pod.

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Bring back some fruits!!! Yummy .