Friday, July 24, 2009

Being last isn't so bad after all....

while today was suppose to be our first day in cambodia, thai airways overbooked the flight to phnom penh. so, me and 8 other lucky souls were left behind in bangkok international airport. it just so happens that having a last name beginning with the letters s, t, u, v, w, x, y or z isn't so bad after all. here's a photo of us sitting by the ticket counter waiting to see if they can place us on a later flight:

and, since we had like 10 hours to kill, the gang hopped into 2 taxis and spent half the day in the city. we visited the grand palace and afterward, wolfed down some amazing thai food at a nearby thai cafe.

after that, we took a walk and i ended up buying mangosteen on the street. 1 kilo of this fabulous fruit only put me back 30 baht.

now, we're just waiting at the airport blogging, uploading photos, eating, wandering around. today was pretty awesome. after a day of staging in sf and traveling for what seems like 2 days, having zero structure and being able to do something spontaneous was just what we needed.

anyway, i have nothing else to say. gotta change back into my "professional clothes". we will be boarding soon and finally getting into phnom penh. our destiny awaits!

later taters!

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