Tuesday, July 14, 2009

T minus 6 days...

its pretty unreal...i'm leaving in 6 days...and i haven't packed, i haven't studied...i haven't done much lazying around--in fact, i'm not sure what i have been doing with my time.

anyhow on to another topic. you guys remember goal #7 on my list of things to do before i leave? yup, selling the corolla. my cousin Ben has been helping me achieve this goal by doing all the selling. he posted my car on craigslist friday and a bunch of people have called. no luck yet, but, i have a few more days before i leave. at this point, my dad is telling me to just give it away. we've driven this car over 100k miles now, so i suppose he feels like he got his money's worth. currently, the odometer reads 229,392 miles!

this weekend was special. ryan surprised me with a meal at THE FRENCH LAUNDRY! we spent an amazing 3 and 1/2 hours eating a 9-course lunch (the price was pretty amazing too). but, i'd say it was well worth it. people, you gotta experience fine dining at least once in your life. and when you do, try to make it out to napa to visit the french laundry. it wasn't just the food that was excellent. but, the staff made us feel so comfortable and relaxed. they weren't snooty or stand-offish. i enjoyed listening to them tell a story immensely. so, with each new course, came an explanation or anecdote and i was so very happy to listen to each one. and there was so much effort put into creating the food. from every finely sliced pea to precisely positioned piquillo peppers, i appreciated all the little details that were put into our meal because it created such a happy, fulfilling experience. anyway, i can't tell a good story, even if its to save my life. so, when you have time, check out the photos. they should explain it all.

gotta study now. g'night.


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