Saturday, July 30, 2011

The 8 Dollar Tour

Today, I partook in a countryside tour that was 'meh' to 'okay'. But, in reality it cost 8.50 USD and it included transport to and from the guesthouse. So, I shouldn't complain. I did get to eat some tasty treats (not included in the price of the tour). The tour consisted of 7 sites around the Cameron Highlands, which lasted about 4.5 hours: 1)Buddhist Temple 2)Rose Garden 3)Boh Tea Plantation 4)Honey Bee Farm 5) local produce market 6) Butterfly farm 7)Strawberry farm.

The highlights of the tour was really the Tea Plantation. But, the Rose Garden and the local produce market were pretty neat. The others weren't so impressive and I didn't even enter the butterfly farm (5RM for entrance fee I didn't pay because I chose to spend it on food. A few photos here and the rest are on picasa--

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