Tuesday, July 19, 2011



I woke up later than I wanted to this morning. But, its okay, I'm on vacation. I am staying at a themed bed and breakfast. My room was designed after the musical, South Pacific. Its the cheapest room in this place and is a fan room. Actually, the fan isn't necessary because its been cool everyday since I've arrived. I was super excited about the breakfast and afternoon high tea this place provided but, both have been a disappointment. I have failed to finish both my breakfasts, thus far. And, except for the first day, I've skipped the afternoon high tea. This morning, I supplemented my free breakfast with my own fruit. Here are some photos of this morning:

My waffel dish with butter?

The fruit I bought and ate. Similar to the passion fruit, the marquisa is sweeter tasting and not sour.

Here is the inside.

Anyway, I wanted to take a leisurely stroll through the rice fields this morning after breakfast, but since I woke up late, I was only able to do a 2-hour walk, so that I could make it to my noon time spa appointment. I should've chosen the walk over the facial because I chose the wrong facial treatment!!! I chose a cucumber honey facial program and discovered that I AM ALLERGIC! I knew something was wrong when the therapist began placing sliced cucumber on my face. Despite the cooling properties of cucumber, my face became itchy. YIKES. And, being the dummy I am, I didn't say anything thinking I was overreacting! After removing the cucumber from my face, the therapist asked if I was allergic because my face was RED. It was red, itchy and bumpy. I'm okay now though. Didn't take too long before the itchiness stopped but my neck is still sorta red and splotchy. Needless to say, I wasn't too happy after my spa treatment. LESSON LEARNED: NO cucumber facials. Sorry, no photos available of my face. But, here are some views of the rice field!

I'm just now having lunch since my 3-hour spa appointment ran into lunch. I should've know it was a bad idea interrupting lunch. I found this neat vegetarian/vegan japanese indonesian place while walking back to my guesthouse the first night. Its too bad I'm leaving Ubud tomorrow because the food here is delicious. SO DELICIOUS. This is what I ordered:

Taco Rice with avocado, beans and salsa. Truly DELICIOUS!

And, of course dessert! Vegan Coconut Pumpkin Pie. Also, tasty. Interesting texture. I was expecting custardy filling, but the filling was stiff like a hard jello.

I'm gonna post this now. I was gonna wait til after dinner, but I'm too lazy for that. I'm gonna have dinner in a bit, not sure where, but this japanese vegan indonesian place is quite tempting and is worthy of a second, consecutive visit within a 3 hour period. I purchased a ticket to see a Balinese Shadow Puppet show at 8! BYE! Talk to you tomorrow when I am in Kuta--3 more days in Bali.

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emily said...

i want to see your face! glad you didn't stop breathing. i'm jealous of that food you've been eating! same ol' pork and rice here. i still like to pretend you're sleeping in the next room. enjoy the bounty of beautiful bali!