Monday, July 18, 2011

Bali: The 'B' means beautiful

I'm in Bali now. It is beautiful here. As in Cambodia, Bali is in its rainy season and its unbelievably lush. It is a lot greener here than in Cambodia. It is also a lot cooler than I expected and in the evenings, its rather chilly. I only have one hooded sweatshirt and this is the most I've worn it in over two years.

I managed to snap a few photos today.

This seems to be traditional Balinese architecture. This is the entry way to a home or a shop.

I visited the Monkey Forest in Ubud today. Monkeys live inside this sacred Balinese Hindu site.

These long tailed macaques are common in southeast asia.

I treated myself to some street food after the monkey forest. For a little under $1 or 5,000 Indonesian rupiah, I was able to buy some fried tofu and spring rolls slathered in a sweet/spicy peanut sauce. Verdict: delicious and full of flavor.

For lunch, I visited this hugely popular place that specializes in Balinese suckling pig.

The pork was very, very moist!!! The rice was a really good quality too!

More to come tomorrow when I take a walk in the rice paddies!

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