Wednesday, July 27, 2011

On being Chinese

I missed the bus this morning because I purposely overslept. I've had a nice time at this guesthouse. The owner has been the most accommodating. He speaks cantonese too. I really like being in Malaysia because all the blending of cultures here. Frankly, I'm enjoying being in a place where people speak cantonese. And, not surprisingly, I am mistaken for a local here too, that is until I start speaking.

I'm known in Asia as an A-B-C, or an American Born Chinese. When people find out that I was born in America, they seem to be really surprised and confused. I'm not sure why. I'm thinking it could be one of two things: 1)they expect me to look different, or 2)they've never met a Chinese person who was born in the states. I'm thinking its the latter.

Well, here is my Chinese face in a photo. Judge for yourself. American or not?

I'm drinking a Melakan ice blended coffee, hence the happiness. Its really delicious.


vidzee said...

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Selva BJJ said...

F. O. B.