Monday, July 11, 2011


I am officially a RPCV! I have just completed my two-year service with the Peace Corps in Cambodia. Today, I got all my paperwork in, medical clearance and had my exit interviews. I took my language proficiency test the other day and scored an Advanced level in spoken Khmer! YAY!

On June 30th, I officially left site and it was very emotional. All morning, my students would repeatedly tell me "Teacher, DON'T CRY". Nevertheless, I cried. I made my host family cry. I'm too emotional for my own good.

My students and counterpart sent me off in style from site. My counterpart and the students I developed close relationships with accompanied me to the bus stop in the provincial town and waited for the bus to depart before leaving. According to my counterpart, once my bus pulled away, my students started to cry!!! Here is a photo of my last few moments in Pursat. My gang at the bus stop.

Here is my last day in Kandieng, out in the rice fields.

In a few days, I'll be leaving for Bangkok via the Poipet border in Bantey Meanchey province. From BKK, I'll be heading to Bali, Indonesia. I'll be in Bali for a week and then onto Singapore. After a few days in Singapore, I'll be going to Malaysia for 2 weeks. Then, I'll be in China and HK for about a month. I'll be home September 4th!

I'll probably post on all the delicious food I encounter(with photos) throughout my journey.

That is all for now. I am actually suffering from a bad cold and need bed rest. Being sick and traveling is a bad combination. I'll keep you all posted. BYE!


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chea chetra said...

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