Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Happy camper in Malacca, Malaysia!

I am going to dedicate this entire post to just CAPITOL SATAY! It was like a club—HAPPENING! You had to wait in a line outside before they let you in! I ate at Capitol Satay for dinner tonight. You know, satay, the meat on a skewer, usually served with peanut sauce. In Malacca, satay is awesome. You cook it yourself at this place and choose the skewer type you want for only 80cents in Malay Ringgit. So, I had 22 skewers and 2 cups of iced tea. This put me back 19 ringgit or a little over 6 bucks green back. It’s a nice farewell dinner in Malacca. I hope these photos will do this place justice…

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