Saturday, July 23, 2011

Welcome Home--in Singapore

Hi. Good morning. Its morning time in Singapore.

The title of my post today is "Welcome Back" for two reasons. The first, Singapore is like home--DEVELOPED. The second, the flight attendant welcomed me home when I was getting off the plane :/

In the spirit of coming home soon, I stopped in the first Coffee Bean and Tea i found and had a hearty drink(in the airport of course). Ohh, I made it my goal to watch Harry Potter when I came to Singapore! Mission Accomplished!

For those who do not already know about my adventures explaining to locals that I am an American, I'll quickly explain. As part of my Peace Corps service, it was part of my job to help promote a better understanding of Americans on the people who I was serving. Basically, I told and re-told that America was a diverse place and that people of all colors come from America. So, where ever I go now, I tell people I am an American--born and raised. Actually, its a really difficult feat to accomplish as everyone seems to think I'm not an American with my asian face. Yes, I know what I look like. So, every country I have visited and not visited so far in Asia/SE Asia, I've been mistaken for a local. I've gotten Nepalese/North Indian, Japanese, Korean (I've been mistaken in Cambodia as Korean 85% of the time), Chinese, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Thai, Laotian, Singaporean, Malaysian, Filipino, Taiwanese, Malaysian, you name it. People have often insisted that I was a local even after I explain to people that my ethnically, I'm Chinese.

Enough about that, I have one day left in Singapore and I need to some laundry and then go eat some food. I can't afford to shop in Singapore. Clothing seems more expensive here then it does in the states. I walked around yesterday after taking a long nap. I'm staying with a Couch Surfer host. She's been very nice and her place is clean and central to all the places in Singapore. I'll take a few more photos tonight and tomorrow, hopefully, I'll be on my way to Malaysia! By the way, I updated my picasa to include some photos of Bali.

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