Friday, July 29, 2011

The Cameron Highlands

I only stayed a night in Georgetown/Penang. I am not the one to do historical cities...hmp. I'll try again...I should've taken a photo of the place i was staying in...2 years in cambodia just barely prepared me for this place! back to the colonial times!

I'm in the Cameron Highlands now. Its in the state of Pahang. Its high up in the hills and its not hot and its beautiful. Unfortunately, still mosquitoes here. I guess this place is the capitol of where Malaysian teas are grown. Tomorrow, I'll take an early tour of the tea plantations and other attractions, like a strawberry farm...

Here is my afternoon snack: scones and jam. Strawberry Jam. Its pretty good quality jam and then i realized that strawberries are grown here. I'll see the real thing tomorrow.

More photos up on picasa now. Please take a look at my food travels...

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